EAC Design Build

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  • Develop Letter of Understanding

  • Develop Design Contract and Comparative Remodeling Analysis

  • Identify and assess potential risks and constraints.

  • Develop a preliminary budget and schedule for the project.



  • Survey / Variance / Engineering

  • Site Measure

  • Develop Plan of Existing Conditions

  • Conceptual Drafts

  • Product Selections

  • Draft Design Document



  • Subcontractor Walkthrough

  • Update Plans & Specifications

  • Develop Contract



  • Preconstruction Walkthrough

  • Update Plans (if needed)

  • Construction

  • Final Walkthrough

The Process

Explore (4 – 5 Weeks)

The Explore Phase is the inaugural undertaking of any project, wherein we dive into our stakeholders’ desires and requirements. This period allows us to gain invaluable insight to ensure a successful outcome for everyone involved. During this phase, our team will gather information regarding the project scope, objectives, and constraints. These could include site inspections, interviews, and stakeholder discussions. This phase also provides an opportunity to create open communication lines with stakeholders, laying the groundwork for the remainder of the project. By taking a flexible approach, we can often complete this task in as little as 4-5 weeks – sometimes even less!

Meet with our sales team to discuss your project at your home.
You review our website, online reviews and pricing guide to make sure we are the right fit for your project.
You approve the proposal our sales team creates for you about your renovation.

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Design (8 – 12 Weeks)

The project’s design phase is a vital step in which the conceptual design is refined, and detailed designs are prepared. To ensure that the design fulfills the needs and requirements of stakeholders, the project team will collaborate closely with them. Obtaining the required permits and approvals to proceed with the project is critical during this phase. This stage may involve multiple iterations and stakeholder discussions to conclude the design. The Design Phase’s mission is to create a design that meets the project’s objectives, scope, and requirements. On average, the Design Phase of a project takes anywhere between two to three months due to its various regulatory and legal steps.

Using sketches, architectural elevations and 3D rendering software, you will be able to review your design in several different ways.

Refine (3-5 Weeks)

The Refine Phase is an important stage in the project where the design is reviewed and revised based on feedback received during the Design Phase. Sometimes we endure a few revisions, ensuring the design is completely up to code and meets all requirements. During this stage, our project team will work to make any necessary changes to ensure that the design meets all requirements and stays within the budget. The Refine Phase may involve additional consultations with stakeholders to ensure their needs are being met. The goal of this phase is to produce a design that is ready for construction and meets all stakeholder requirements.

Your Designer will guide you through the process of choosing your ideal materials and finishes in our showroom in Gahana so that you can see cabinets, tile, flooring, and paint all together to get a clear visual of how it will all look in your space.

 Finally, you come to our office one last time and we present the final proposal. This includes a fixed-price bid with a very detailed scope of work.

We have an extremely low change order percentage and offer an initial outstanding product. If you are comfortable with what you see, we move to the build phase.

Build (10 – 28 Weeks)

During the Build Phase of a project, every detail outlined in the plans and construction documents must be accurately constructed. Monitoring construction progress is critical to ensure the project stays on schedule and within budget. In this phase, Clark Custom Builders will leverage its extensive experience in construction safety to ensure the work environment is safe. Communication with stakeholders will be maintained throughout the construction phase to guarantee that stakeholders’ demands are addressed. Based on our extensive experience, the construction phase typically takes 10-28 weeks to complete. However, this timeline may be extended due to unforeseen design changes that may arise during the process.

Warranty Phase

The Warranty Phase is the concluding stage of the project, where any existing issues or discrepancies are addressed and amended. This step may involve a concluding assessment to guarantee that all requirements and standards are achieved. Any relevant documentation and training will be supplied during this phase to support the project’s smooth transition. The Warranty Phase ensures the project works as designed and meets all stakeholder criteria. Our team works diligently to handle every detail promptly during this phase.