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EAC Design Build – The Dollars and Cents

Undertaking a home remodeling endeavor is no small feat. We prioritize quality over expedience and refuse to compromise with subpar materials. Achieving excellence demands time and attention to detail, a principle we adhere to. We believe in doing it right from the outset without cutting corners or compromising durability.Clients sometimes express surprise at our pricing, comparing it unfavorably to their initial expectations. It’s crucial to differentiate between price and cost. Price pertains to the initial expenditure, while cost encompasses the long-term value of what we construct for you. We’ve chosen transparency over short-term gains, opting to elucidate our pricing upfront rather than making repeated apologies during the lifespan of your project. While other companies may undercut us on price, none can rival our commitment to longevity and service. Isn’t it preferable to invest in the assurance that your project will be executed flawlessly the first time, precisely to your specifications?Nevertheless, pricing can fluctuate significantly depending on the specifics of each project. During our initial consultation, we’ll provide insights into what solutions align best with your requirements.Refer to the following figures to better understand the typical costs associated with our projects.